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Factory OEM Wheels

Factory Rims

Why settle for less when you can ride on the best? WheelSmart Rims is proud to present our highly appealing line of reconditioned factory rims—the perfect fusion of style, performance, and affordability. Whether you"re a die-hard truck enthusiast or simply looking to add some flair to your ride, our OEM wheels have got you covered.

Get the Authentic OEM Factory Wheels You Deserve

What sets our factory rims apart from the competition? That"s easy—we only offer wheels that are refurbished to their original factory presentation by the best remanufacturers in the country. Unlike those flimsy knockoffs, our factory OEM wheels are reconditioned and remanufactured to like-new condition, ensuring top-notch quality and fit for your truck.

Benefits of Factory Rims 

•    Perfect fit: Factory OEM rims are designed specifically for your make, model, and year 
•    Enhanced performance: Experience improved handling and smoother rides with OEM wheels
•    Aesthetic appeal: OEM factory wheels blend effortlessly with your truck"s design

We’re not just another pretty wheel shop. Our commitment to customer satisfaction means you"ll get top-tier support and assistance every step of the way. Here"s why y"all should turn to WheelSmart Rims for your OEM rim needs:
•    Dependable guidance: Let our expert staff help you find the ideal factory rims to complement your truck or SUV
•    Massive inventory: Select from our extensive range of OEM factory wheels for trucks and other vehicles
•    Speedy shipping: Our fast and secure shipping will have your rims delivered to your doorstep in no time

Get Your Truck Road-Ready With Factory OEM Wheels

Don"t let your truck ride on anything less than the best. Experience the power, durability, and sheer style of our expertly crafted Factory Rims. Trust us, your truck will thank you in the long run.

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