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Here we are trying to answer any questions you may have regarding our rims for sale. Most questions were made by past customers, along with the answers that helped them decide on the purchase.

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Is the price listed for one or four wheels?

All listings are published on a per wheel basis. That is the price shown is for One (1) wheel, unless otherwise stated.

What is a reconditioned wheel?

A very valid question. A reconditioned rim is a take-off or wheel core that has been inspected for structural integrity and balance. The wheel has been stripped of its original finish, prepared and completely refinished to its original color and factory presentation.

In other words, it is a sound wheel that was refinished to look like new. In this way we give rims a second chance, while saving you up to 75% off Dealer MSRP on a brand-new rim.

What do you call OEM rims?

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. OEM wheels or OEM rims are those rims made by or for the car manufacturer.

In essence, they are the wheels that come stock with the purchase of a new vehicle.

Nowadays car manufacturers may have contracts with wheel manufacturers from any part of the world to make their rims. BMW for example make wheels in Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Italy, Belgium, Austria, Mexico, USA, and lately China. Although their wheels have many origins, the OEM rim manufacturers are the only ones authorized to stamp the BMW logo on the reverse of the wheel, classifying them as “original” or OEM.

The same applies to some manufacturers contracting wheels to be made for several brands. You will see the Ford logo in wheels for Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles. You will also see the GM stamp on Chevrolet, GMC, Buick, Cadillac, Hummer, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, and some Isuzu wheels. These wheels are made in several countries as well.

What is the difference between a Factory OEM Wheel and an OEM Replacement Rim?

Factory OEM wheels are rims that come stock when you purchase a new vehicle. They are made by the original vehicle manufacturer for their specific brands and models.

OEM Replacement wheels are aftermarket rims, made as an exact replica of any given factory OEM wheel. They are manufactured by independent companies and do not bear the car manufacturer logo, although their performance, finish and size are the same as the original.

These wheels are called “Replacement” rims, as a fancy alternative to “Replica” rims. Most replicas offer the same look and performance of their OEM counterpart, but you can acquire them brand new at a lower price than the original.

Replica wheels offer a lower cost solution to budget conscious buyers.

For more information, check our Tech Advise section for our comprehensive article Factory OEM Wheels vs Replica Wheels.

Would your reconditioned rim match the color of my current rims?

Yes, if you have factory OEM wheels. The only difference is that the rims you are buying from us look brand new while yours may be somewhat weathered.

Currently many car manufacturers are offering a variety of wheel colors and finish combinations for their most popular car models. Your first move when purchasing a wheel is to verify you are ordering the correct color or finish, mainly on those wheels with multiple finish variations. To help you, we endeavor to upload real images of one of the reconditioned wheels on the shelf.

Where these damaged wheels?

No. We purchase our cores (take-offs) in quantities from core distributors and wheel warehouses. 94.8% of the wheels received have only cosmetic issues and perfect to be placed in the reconditioning process line.

Only 4.3% of the wheels received are out of round and easily repairable and less than 1% may be damaged enough to be recycled for their aluminum. This 0.9% includes cracks and strikes rendering the wheel useless as such. We do not accept cracked rims for reconditioning.

How quickly can I receive a rim?

In most cases, any order turned in before 1:00 p.m. CST may be shipped the same day. Orders received and funded after 1:00 p.m. CST will be process for shipping the next day.

From time to time we must refresh or refinish an ordered rim, in which case we take up to 3 days to ship.

Within the Continental U.S., we ship UPS Ground Service from the closest warehouse in our network to the destination or the first available warehouse where the wheels are ready, whichever shortens shipping time.

What is the warranty on a reconditioned rim?

We guarantee all wheels to be straight and true. There is a One (1) year Limited warranty on the structural integrity of each reconditioned rim, and a Lifetime warranty on the clear coat finish to the original customer.

For more information, please see our Warranty section

How do I return a rim?

We have customized our system to make any return as efficient as possible for you. To return an item, just follow this example:

Submit a Return Request

    1. Log into your account in our storefront. Find the order with the rims you wish to return and click on the Return Items link.
    2. Specify the quantity to return, Return Reason, and Return action desired.
    3. You also have an option to leave us a comment.

This simple process will produce an RMA, will display Return instructions and send you a confirmation email.

For more information on returns, please see our Return Policy section.

Do you sell used rims?

Not before reconditioning. We don’t sell cores (take-offs), only first rate reconditioned factory OEM rims and replacement wheels.


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