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Welcome to WheelSmart Rims, the ultimate OEM wheel shop for truck enthusiasts and vehicle owners alike. We offer a wide selection of OEM replacement wheels and factory rim replacement options to suit your every need. Browse through our extensive collection and save big on your next purchase with our reconditioned wheels offered at up to 75 percent off dealer MSRP prices.

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At WheelSmart Rims, we understand the importance of a well-functioning and stylish set of wheels, along with the critical need for precise fitment. That’s why we emphasize a 100% fitment guarantee for our OEM replacement wheels and factory rim replacement options, ensuring they are a perfect fit for your vehicle's specific make, model, and vehicle's year. Whether you need a new set of OEM wheels or factory replacement rims for your car or truck, our team utilizes advanced fitment tools and verification processes to help you find the perfect fit, instilling confidence in your purchase.

When it comes to OEM replacement wheels, you can trust WheelSmart Rims to provide you with top-notch and reliable solutions, tailored to meet the exact fitment requirements of your vehicle. Browse our OEM wheel shop today to find exactly what you’re looking for, assured that our products will perfectly match your vehicle's specifications.

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We prioritize the proper fitment for our customers' vehicles with strict quality control and a fitment guarantee, ensuring you will never be stuck with wheels that don't fit.


You can also check you fitment at our Wheel and Tire Size Database.


We have OE wheels (OEM, original equipment wheels) and factory replacement wheels to replace your old and worn or damaged rims.

We are also adding all the steel wheels you need for your basic car and truck models, along with a selection from leading tire brands to complement our entire inventory.


Our original equipment wheels for sale are offered completely reconditioned to factory specs so you can SAVE UP to 75% off Dealer MSRP price. We aim to become the best place to buy rims online, one customer at a time.

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We ship to all 48 States of the Continental U.S. via UPS Ground services on the same day if ordered by 1:00 pm CST.

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Shop for original equipment wheels and aftermarket rims for sale securely through any of our payment methods.

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Never purchased rims online? Have questions? No problem, good customer service is one of our best features.

Real Customer Reviews - No Bull

Needed a New Cadillac Rim

Review for Cadillac Deville OEM Wheels Machined Silver alloy rims

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Anthony J.

on 24 Jul, 2023

I can only say one word. Excellent. The rim was exactly what I wanted, and the service was unbelievable. They assured me if it did not arrive on time then they would ship another one. They promised to follow up after the proposed delivery day and lo and behold, they contacted me to confirm the rim had been delivered on time. It is exactly the part I was looking for and I will not hesitate to order through WheelSmart again. By the way, shipping for the Cadillac rim was free.

Vintage Toyota rims for my 1999 Avalon

Review for Toyota Avalon 1997-1997 Machined alloy OEM wheels

Image Banner

Michael E.

on 27 Aug, 2021

The family at Wheelsmart looked after me! I purchased the last 4 rims for my vintage car. They were so detail oriented that they didn’t ship 1 of the 4 because it didn’t pass their quality control. However they went ahead and remachined another rim for my set at no extra cost. When I mounted the beautifully rims on the car they were perfectly balanced, no **** weights to install. Victor and company are great! I’m over satisfied. Thanks for your excellent service.

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Great Price, Fast Delivery

Review for Hyundai Tucson 2018 OEM Wheels Machined alloy rims

Image Banner

Nick M.

on 06 Mar, 2022

I have a small body shop in Central California. I've tried online shopping for deals and found there's always a catch. Great price, LONG waits. fast delivery, HIGH price. I use WheelSmart exclusively now. I know the price is right, it's in stock, great quality and the delivery time is fast.

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Lexus Rims Great Purchase Experience

Review for Lexus SC430 Silver alloy rims 2006-2009 OEM Wheels

Image Banner


on 16 Nov, 2022

My experience was excellent! The initial shipment had the wrong rim in the correct box. I reached out and Hermes got back to me right away. I shipped the package back and he kept me in the loop on when my correct rim would be available from your third party recondition company. To have Hermes do exactly what he said he would do, was priceless in these times. Thank you for being a great supplier...will use without hesitation again.

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