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Wheels Offset and Tire Size Calculator

Welcome to our Wheels Offset and Tire Size Calculator page.

This is a complimentary research page with a complete OEM wheel fitment database. Have you ever wondered what is your wheels offset? What size tire should I buy to keep my vehicle original? Or, what’s the bolt pattern and bolt sizes for your vehicle? To help you obtain answers to these questions and more, we are maintaining this database. In it you have several tools in one place:

  • Wheel Size calculator with all the OEM wheel sizes sold in the US Market.
  • Wheels Offset calculator, to research wheel fitment according to the vehicles Year, Make, Model and Trim. What is wheel offset? Read our tech article and quick guide here
  • Tire Size calculator with the OEM tire sizes for each vehicle
  • Wheel Bolt Pattern database
  • Wheel Bolt Size and Tread database
  • Wheel Center Bore database

How to read the Wheel Size and Rim Offset guide

Reading the guide is easy, placing a lot of information at your fingertips. Below the rim offset calculator you will also find definitions to some of the key terms used within the calculator chart.

Here are the most important concepts from the Wheel offset and rim size chart:





Key information on the Wheels Offset Calculator:

  • The first (highlighted) choice is the usual factory OEM size the vehicle rolls out of the plant.
  • Click on the red arrow to view additional OEM wheels and tire sizes available in your market.
  • Staggered sets (wider rims and tires at the rear of the vehicle) are also indicated.

TRIM – Style level for a given vehicle’s model, such as Coupe, Convertible, GT, engine size, etc.

TIRE – Best tire sizes to install for a given OEM rim size usually available from car dealers in your market area.

RIM – OEM rim sizes and wheels offset as usually stamped on the reverse of the wheels. Ie: rim width x rim size and wheels offset (ET) in millimeters.

BOLT PATTERN – Car model’s bolt pattern defined as number of lugs x holes distribution pattern in millimeters.

THD – Indicates the OEM rims fasteners’ bolt thread required in your lug nuts or wheel bolts. This is specified as Bolt Diameter (M) x thread pitch in millimeters.

CB – Is the Center Bore diameter of the wheels. It is simply the size of the hub hole in the middle of the rims, measured in millimeters.

Do you have any questions about your wheels offset or available rim sizes for your vehicle? 

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